Update and Prayer Requests (June 3)

Here is a quick update on the church plant, including some prayer requests!

Daniel and Courtney arrived in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago. Since their arrival, things have really begun to move forward. Daniel and I met with our contact at the state convention, we have an upcoming meeting about a building possibility, and our first Core Group meeting is next week. So much for an easy transition for the Reissigs!

This summer is a key time for the church plant. We’re asking that God would add 2-4 families to our Core Group by the end of this summer. Would you join us in also praying for that need? We would love to have 5-7 families committed to this work by the Fall. We are currently at 3 families (including ours), and we are excited to see who the Lord will bring across our path.

We’re also laying plans for a month of preview services this October. We’ll share more details about this opportunity as the time approaches, but until then there is much to do in order for that plan to become a reality. We need a meeting space, funding for web/graphic design work, and help for various logistical needs associated with a church service. Please pray with us that God would provide for these practical needs associated with our preview month in October.

While working and planning for the church plant, Daniel and I are also both working other jobs. We’re very thankful for the Lord’s provision in our work, and both of our jobs provide some much needed flexibility for ministry purposes. But being bi-vocational also eats up the little margin there is left in our busy schedules. Please pray that we would be faithful to lead our families well, caring for Courtney and Laura (and, in my case, Sam and Owen) as we should. We’re convinced that our leadership in the church is contingent on our leadership at home. Also, please pray that we would be faithful to care for our own souls. With meetings and deadlines and many other exciting opportunities, it can be easy to push our own soul-care to the side. Pray that we would not do this! Pray that we would be growing in godliness and wisdom, and that we would be vigilant against sin in our own lives.

Here are other various prayer requests:

  • Pray that the Lord would open doors for us to speak the gospel, and that we would be bold and courageous to speak (Col. 4:3-6).
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to show us favor in the State Convention sponsorship process.
  • Pray for our Core Group meetings, beginning June 9 and continuing every other week for the remainder of the summer. We’ll be teaching through the key components of the vision for MBC.
  • Pray for our meeting July 8 concerning a potential building/meeting space.
  • Pray that we would continue to trust the Lord, walking by faith not by sight.

Thank you so much for the various ways many of you are already supporting and encouraging us in this work! We are thankful to God for you! We look forward to keeping you up to date as the summer progresses.

For the Midtown family,

Jeff Breeding


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